Training / Coaching / Mentoring

Car dealerships spend huge amount in marketing encouraging customers to visit their dealership. But what happens when those customers arrive at the dealership? Are the walk-in customers driving away? Are the drive-in customers driving out in a newer vehicle? Is the dealership providing the service and sales experience as marketed? Through ongoing interactive training sessions, your team will learn advanced selling and service skills to maintain loyal customers and generate new leads through follow-up and prospecting. STEPUP can help you with your sales and service strategy at the dealership level.

At STEPUP, our automotive customer service and sales training programs can help your dealership sell more cars and develop long-lasting customer relationships. Even with a high level of staff turnover, we can help reduce your training costs, ensure consistent customer service delivery and train the new-hire team members to sell cars more quickly and with confidence. Unlike other training companies, our programs are developed and customized with your specific dealership in mind. Through a comprehensive location assessment, we determine your dealership’s needs and incorporate these factors into our instructional design.

The consumer landscape in the automotive industry is evolving and requires a new, more flexible and responsive approach in the training arena. With over 30 years of coaching experience in the automotive industry, certified coaches at STEPUP are intimately familiar with the changes taking place and are therefore revitalizing automotive distributor coaching for the digital age with our customized, cutting-edge approach.

STEPUP provides a full spectrum of automotive dealership training in the following areas:

  • Vehicle Sales frontline
  • Sales management
  • Vehicle Inventory management
  • Service frontline
  • Service management
  • Workshop operation
  • Service technician skill development
  • Parts frontline
  • Parts sales management
  • Parts inventory management
  • Parts warehouse management

Customization is the key that unlocks your organization’s potential. We work with you to select and fine tune the tools you need to meet your goals. Your program may blend a variety of coaching methods, cutting-edge technology, review processes, monitoring, reporting and continuous support depending on the needs of your staff. The goal is to provide the best possible value for your investment.

STEPUP has Coaching expertise in the areas of Behavioral and Soft Skills Training; Executive, Performance, Leadership & Life Coaching; and Motivational Seminars.  STEPUP has specialized in developing and delivering learning programs on:

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Selling skills
  • Time & Stress Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills

We work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and design a coaching program that delivers the required Return on Investment (ROI). By reinventing conventional coaching services, we provide flexible, interactive, targeted support that promotes real results and creates new possibilities for developing a coaching program.