In today’s competitive environment, success depends on matching the dealer network to customer behavior and market demand. Optimizing the dealer network in terms of the number, size, location and product/service mix is critical. Dealer Network Development from STEPUP supports clients with comprehensive suite of network planning services, including detailed market analyses, optimal dealer modeling, territory design and dealer performance measurement. STEPUP will take up and assist to

  • Understand the regional market
  • Assess current/future network opportunities
  • Find prospect customers and locate opportunities
  • Optimize the dealer networks
  • Model the impact of network modification and innovation
  • React quickly to market changes
  • Increase sales, market share, market coverage and profitability

Dealer Network Solutions from STEPUP will enable National sales companies and automotive dealerships to determine the best location and configuration of their retail networks. From adjusting the size and shape of dealers’ territories, to determining the best location for a new dealership, we are here to help. Our value additions would cover the following areas:

  • Market analysis : Identify the current network’s strengths and weaknesses through comprehensive analysis of data (national and regional)
  • Market competition : Analyze comprehensive dealer census data, competitive performance and local representation
  • Brand performance measurement : Improve market representation by identifying gain and loss areas
  • Dealer number and location optimization : Determine the ideal number and location of dealers in the market
  • Potential estimate : Model customer flows, develop scenarios and calculate dealer sales potential and cannibalization effects
  • Dealer efficiency management : Monitor performance with cross-sell reports, achievement vs. target gap and benchmark calculation
  • After sales capacity : Use UIO (Units-in-operation) data and service retention rate to measure service capacity and work bay requirements